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English Grammar easily accepts technical terms into common usage and often imports new words and phrases. The circle of English language has a well-defined center, but no discernible circumference. The vocabulary of English is undoubtedly vast. Learning English Grammar and implementing it in the right way is of course a biggest challenge. In this page, we have added the terms to make it easy to understand. In addition to the definition for each grammar term, many exercises have been added to make you become familiar with the terms so that in short span of time you could become a master of English language. Since that is what we want out of your visiting this site, we have taken our best of efforts to make this site user-friendly and user-usable one.

Kinds of Sentences
Assertive Sentence (or) Statement Sentence
Interrogative Sentence
Exclamatory Sentence
Imperative Sentence
Subject and Predicate
Kinds of Noun
Proper Noun
Common Noun
Abstract Noun
Material Noun
Collective Noun
First Person
Second Person
Third Person
The Verb
Types of Verbs
Primary Verbs
Kinds of Verbs
Regular Verbs
Irregular Verbs
Transitive Verbs
Intransitive Verbs
The Adverbs
Kinds of Adverbs
Adverbs of Manner

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