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( Verb )

( past and past participle : eviscerated
present participle : eviscerating
3rd person present singular : eviscerates )

Pronunciation : i-vísse-ràyt

1. to remove the internal organs or entrails of a person or an animal

2. to remove an essential part of something and so weaken it

3. to remove the contents of the eyeball or another organ or body cavity

4. to remove the viscera of ...


Late 16th century - Latin eviscerat - past participle of eviscerare - viscera -internal organs, entrails


attenuate, blunt, cripple, devitalize, disable, emasculate, enervate, enfeeble, exhaust, extenuate, harm, hurt, injure, mar, prostrate, relax, sap, spoil, undermine, unstrengthen, weaken, wear out


aid, cure, energize, help, invigorate, mend, strengthen

Contextual Examples:

• The campers had to eviscerate the fish before they could fry them for dinner.

• The censors eviscerated the book to make it inoffensive to the leaders of the party.

Related Words:

evisceration: Noun

eviscerator: Noun

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