A Word A Day : Exuberance

Wednesday, 26th September 2007 : Today's Word is ...


( Noun )

Pronunciation : ig-zoo-brens

1. joyful enthusiasm

2. the emotion of great happiness

3. a feeling of excitement

4. overflowing with eager enjoyment or approval


Joy, Joyfulness, Joyousness ,Enthusiasm ,Ebullience, Sprightliness, Liveliness, Spirit, Life ,Lyricism ,Rabidity, Rabidness, Madness


Low Spirit, Dullness, Deflated

Contextual Examples:

• At first I was surprised at this flood in a hot, dry summer, but afterwards I discovered that it was caused by the tropical exuberance of the red weed.

• The grass greening all the expanse in its front seemed to grow, not rankly, but with a natural and joyous exuberance, and the weeds blossomed quite like plants.

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