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  1. Man is not defined so much by his success as by his failure. Rather he is defined by how he faces up to the possibility of failure, by how he deals with crisis and how he stretches his resources, both physical and mental, to turn failure or near failure into a glorious triumph.

    This is not only something character-revealing but also, more significantly, a defining process that separates not merely boys from men but the men themselves from gladiators.
    (Nirmal Shekhar - A Columnist - on Steve Waugh)

  2. There is the puzzle of why some men and women go to seed, while others remain vital to the very end of their days. Going to seed may be too vague an expression. Perhaps I should say that many people, somewhere along the line, stop learning and growing.... Perhaps life just presented them with tougher problems than they could solve. Perhaps something inflicted a major wound to their self-confidence or their self-esteem. Or maybe they just ran so hard for so long that they forgot what they were running for.
    (John Gardner)

  3. I am waiting for ships
    that never come in
    watching and waiting
    in vain.

    It seems that life's stormy sea
    holds nothing for me,
    but broken dreams
    and golden schemes.

    With each day of sorrow
    I like to pretend
    some glad tomorrow
    the waiting will end.
    (A popular U.S. song)

  4. This thing that we call failure is not the falling down : but the staying down.
    (Mary Pickford)

  5. All heart aches and the tears
    Gloomy days and fruitless years
    I do give thanks, for now I know
    These were the things that helped me grow.

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