GRE Word List

Following are
GRE Word Lists that we wrote while we were preparing ourselves for the Verbal part of the GRE General Test in 1998. Although they were written primarily for the Verbal part, we think they are helpful for other purposes as well. We think that the best strategy for GRE is to be acquainted with GRE through taking actual GRE examinations administrated by ETS, but it is undeniable that a good vocabulary is essential for excellent GRE scores.

Since the Verbal part of GRE is by no means a simple examination that tests the examinees only for vocabulary, expanding your vocabulary does not always result in higher scores. You should, however, retain a large vocabulary in your brain at least on the actual GRE test day in order to obtain high scores in the Verbal part, since in some sense quite a few questions just attempt to test whether you can tell the meaning of a particular word or not.

We recommend that you memorize all the words in the
GRE Word Lists below if you must obtain really high GRE scores.

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