Habit Does not Make The Monk.

Habit Does not Make The Monk. :

Some people are fond of wearing gaudy clothes. But it is not wise to judge a man just by the clothes he wears. There are crooks who dress well and cheat others. They create in impression on the public by wearing trendy clothes. Such crooks also have the ability to speak sweetly and convincingly. But they do all this with a single purpose of cheating. So taking a man into confidence by his external appearance only will be dangerous. Truly good and great men are usually plainly dressed. They have no need to impress others with smart and gaudy clothe. They impress others simply by their greatness. Good qualities and talents always show through the clothes irrespective of whether they are good looking or shabby. Many of the great Indian and European personalities were simple men who used to dress plainly. On the other hand even if a man who has no real ability or character dresses smartly, his traits will clearly reveal themselves to people. So it is really the goodness and moral strength in a man that matters. By wearing a monk’s habit one does not become a monk. It is his mental attitude and character that make him a monk and not the dress he puts on.

Habit Does not Make The Monk.