Homonyms are words that sound the same when pronounced, but are spelled differently and have different meanings.

Example: Loose and lose

Many people make this mistake. They inevitably interchange the words loose and lose while writing.

Lose means to suffer a loss or defeat.

Thus, you would write:

Correct: I don't want to lose you.

Wrong: I don't want to loose you.

Loose means NOT FIRM or NOT FITTING.

In this context, you would write,

Correct: My shirt is loose.

Wrong: My shirt is lose.

Here are many more homonyms which you have to know to write distinctively.

Bail :

Security given for release from jail, as in: The bail was set at $100,000.00

Bale :

A large bundle, as in: The hay was collected together and compressed into a bale.

Bare :

Exposed to view, as in: The bare branches of the trees made lacy patterns against the winter sky.

Bear :

(1) Carry or transport, as in: I bear a gift for you.

(2) Tolerate, stand or endure, as in: I can't bear to hear another word.

(3) A large mammal, as in: At the zoo we saw a bear.

Base :

The bottom part which supports that above it, as in: We camped overnight at the base of the mountain.

Bass :

Deep or low in sound, as in: You sing the high notes, and I'll sing the bass.

Bases :

(1) Plural of base, as in: The Army is closing down its bases in that country.

(2) Plural of basis, as in: The bases of all his theories were flawed.

Basis :

Fundamental principal, as in: Your accusation has no basis in fact.

Bazaar :

Marketplace, as in: The charity held a fund-raising bazaar.

Bizarre :

Very odd, as in: Her outfit was too bizarre for the workplace.

Beat :

(1) Strike repeatedly, as in: Percussion bands beat their drums at an unbelievable tempo.

(2) Defeat, as in: Your team will never beat the champions.

Beet :

Root vegetable, as in: The common red beet can be cooked and eaten.

Berry :

Small, pulpy fruit with many seeds, as in: I love berry pie.

Bury :

Put in the ground and cover, as in: If we bury the treasure no one will find it.

Berth :

A resting place, as in: When we go on the train, which berth do you want, upper or lower?

Birth :

Being born, as in: The birth of our first child was a happy occasion.

Beside :

By the side of, as in: Sit down beside the fire and get warm.

Besides :

Moreover or else, as in: I'm not hungry; besides, I'm allergic to nuts.

Among :

In the midst of three or more, as in: The four older children decided among themselves to surprise Mother and Father with breakfast in bed.

Between :

In the midst of two, as in: The two younger ones decided between themselves to clean the kitchen.

Autobiography :

One’s own life story, as in: I am writing my autobiography.

Bibliography :

list of books about a subject, as in: Please include a bibliography with your research report.

Biography :

a person's life story, as in: She is writing a biography of Marie Sklodowska Curie, the chemist and physicist who with her husband discovered radium in 1898.

Billed :

Sent a statement of money owed, as in: Would you like to pay cash now or be billed?

Build :

Construct or assemble, as in: You can build good credit by paying bills on time.

Blew :

Sent forth a current of air, as in: The wind blew across the desert.

Blue :

A color, as in: The editor marked corrections with a blue pencil.

Bloc :

Group with a shared purpose, as in: The measure was opposed by the farm bloc.

Block :

(1) A chunk, as in: He is going to carve an animal from that block of wood.

(2) Hinder, as in: The police lined up their cars to block the bankrobbers' escape.

Board :

(1) Piece of wood, as in : The diver hit his head on the board.

(2) Council, as in: I'll make your suggestion to the board of trustees.

Bored :

Tired of the monotony, as in: After ten speeches, I got bored because every speaker said the same thing.

Boarder :

A lodger who receives meals regularly at a fixed price, as in: To earn extra money, we took in a boarder.

Border :

Boundary, as in: Be sure to have your passport when you cross the border.

Bolder :

More daring, as in: If you want to be noticed, perhaps you need to be a little bolder.

Boulder :

A large rock, as in: The road was blocked by a boulder.

Born :

Brought into existence, as in: A new nation was born from the ashes of the old one.

Borne :

(1) Carried, as in: All their belongings were borne on their shoulders.

(2) Tolerated, as in: Any more outbursts like that simply will not be borne.

Boy :

Male child, as in: Is your new baby a boy or a girl?

Buoy :

A floating marker in the water, as in: When they saw the buoy, they knew they were entering the channel.

Brake :

Device that helps you stop, as in: When the driver saw the cow in the road, he hit the brake.

Break :

Rupture, fracture, or crack, as in: Don't play ball in the house, because you'll break something.

Bread :

Food made of grain, as in: I love to eat homemade soup and fresh bread.

Bred :

Past tense of breed, as in: Some dogs are bred for strength, some for intelligence.

Breadth :

Width or broadness, as in: The breadth of his knowledge of world history surprised everyone.

Breath :

Respiration, as in: Hold your breath while I take the X-ray.

Breathe :

Inhale and exhale, as in: Breathe in that fresh air!

Bridal :

Having to do with a marriage ceremony, as in: The bridal bouquet was made of daisies and wildflowers.

Bridle :

(1) Having to do with horseback riding, as in: The bridle path was crowded this morning with weekend riders.

(2) Restrain or control, as in: I wish I could learn to bridle my tongue.

Broach :

Introduce, as in: While the boss was in a good mood, I decided to broach the subject of a raise.

Brooch :

Ornamental pin, as in: She wore a beautiful diamond brooch.

Bouillon :

Clear soup with a strong flavor, as in: For the first course I'll have beef bouillon.

Bullion :

Precious metals, formed into bars, as in: The coach was loaded with hundreds of bars of gold bullion.

Buy :

Purchase, as in: More and more customers are willing to buy goods from an online storefront.

By :

Through the action of, as in: This Web page designed by P. Sato Design.

Bye :

Short form of goodbye, as in: Bye for now.

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