Horse Sense

Horse sense? What do you mean by that?

I don't understand why people leave money lying around. Oh, by the way, there is an article about your favorite actor in today's newspaper. Have you read it?

No, I haven't had the time. What does it say?

According to the writer, your hero doesn't have horse sense.

Horse sense? What do you mean by that? Do you mean to say that he doesn't know anything about horse racing?

No, no! That's not what horse sense means. When you say that someone has no horse sense, it implies that he has no common sense.

Horse sense means common sense. That's interesting.

Here's an example.

• Horse sense told me that I would be a fool to buy any of the shares that my cousin was trying to sell me.

• Our school Principal is not a great scholar, but he has enough horse sense to tackle everyday problems.

• Rajesh is of the opinion that women in general don't have horse sense.

• If Sumatra comes to know about this she will tear him to pieces.

• Horse sense tells him that he should not air such views in Sumatra’s presence.

COURTESY : The Hindu (The National News-Paper) - India

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