How to use DARE?

How to use DARE? :

Strong – stressed DO is used to strengthen or support another verb.

He never smokes. ___________ You are wrong. He does smoke.

I did see him after all.

Do be seated.

Do stop that noise!

The modal DARE means be brave enough.

He daren’t speak to her.

He doesn’t dare to speak to her.

How dare you disobey me?

He didn’t dare to say anything.

DARE may be used either as a special verb or as an ordinary verb…….either without or with DO, DOES and DID. When used with DO, DOES and DID, it is followed by the infinitive with or without to.

USED TO refers to past habits. It shows that something often happened in the past but does not happen now.

I used to live there when I was a boy.

I used to go home on Saturday (but now I no longer do so.)

Ganesh used to come here every day (but he doesn’t now.)

Question and negatives are formed either with DID or without DID. The did-forms are more informal.

Did you use to play football at school? (Less usual : used you to play…………?)

She used not to be so foregetful.

She didn’t use to be so foregetful.

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How to use DARE?