A Moral Story : Hunting With The Lion

Let us enjoy reading this story of Hunting With The Lion.

It was a dry summer. The animals in the forest were beginning to find it difficult to get food.

A bear, a wolf and a jackal thought it would be better to join hands with a lion and do the hunting. They approached lion and he too agreed. The four of them went off hunting.

The hunting party came across a buffalo. The fox and wolf chased the buffalo. The bear intercepted the buffalo. The lion killed him.

The fox made shares out of the buffalo. When they were about to take their shares the lion roared and said, "Well friends, the first share is mine for my leadership. The second share is mine for, it is I who killed. The third share is also mine for I need it for my cubs. Anyone who needs a share can take the fourth. But before that you will have to win me."

All the three left the place without a single word.

MORAL : If you are might, you are right.

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