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  1. Most worshippers of God are intent on the advancement of their own destiny, not on His worship.

    In India, no one has ever claimed to be a prophet. The reason is that claims to divinity are customary.
    (Emperor Akbar : 1542-1605 - Translated)

  2. For as I detest the doorways of Death,
    I detest that man, who
    Hides one thing in the depth of his heart,
    And speaks forth another.
    (Homer : Iliad : Achilles' Rage)

  3. Celebration of Independence Day with great pomp and show was quite appropriate when we were fighting for independence which we had neither seen nor handled. Now we have handled it and we seem to be disillusioned. At least - I am, even if you are not. What are we celebrating today? Surely, not our disillusionment.
    (Mahatma Gandhi)

  4. Our masks are intact,
    grown into faces
    and we will alight
    at different places.
    (Marilyn Noronha : Different faces)

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