I Had A Little Doggy.

I Had A Little Doggy. :

I had a little Doggy

that used to sit and beg;

But Doggy tumbled down the stairs

and broke his little leg.

Oh, Doggy, I will nurse you,

and try to make you well,

And you shall have a collar

with a little silver bell.

Ah, Doggy, don't you think

that you should very faithful be

For having such a loving friend

to comfort you as me?

And when your leg is better,

and you can run and play,

We'll have a scamper in the fields

and see them making hay.

But, Doggy, you must promise

(and mind your word you keep)

Not once to tease the little lambs,

or run among the sheep;

And then the little yellow chicks

that play upon the grass,

You must not even wag your tail

to scare them as you pass.

I Had A Little Doggy.

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