English Irregular Verbs

There are many Irregular Verbs in English which do not conform to the pattern. The principal parts of the English verb are the base form, the simple past, and the past participle. For regular verbs, the simple past and the past participle are spelled the same and are created by adding
ed to the base form. However, there are many irregular verbs in English which do not conform to this pattern.

The additional forms of the verb in English are the
s form (3rd person singular present), and the present participle, which is created by adding ing to the base form. There are no irregular forms of the present participle, so the spelling of any verb will adhere to the rules of spelling for regular inflection.

A comprehensive list of English irregular verbs, including their base form, past simple, past participle and definitions is here below.

T :

  1. Take
  2. Teach
  3. Team-Teach
  4. Tear
  5. Telecast
  6. Tell
  7. Test-Drive
  8. Test-Fly
  9. Think
  10. Thrive
  11. Throw
  12. Thrust
  13. Thunderstrike
  14. Tine
  15. Tread
  16. Troubleshoot
  17. Typecast
  18. Typeset
  19. Typewrite

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