John Gilpin

John Gilpin :

John Gilpin was a citizen

Of credit and renown,

A train-band captain eke was he

Of famous London town.

John Gilpin’s spouse said to her dear,

Though wedded we have been

These twice ten tedious years, yet we

No holiday have seen.

To-morrow is our wedding-day,

And we will then repair

Unto the Bell, at Edmonton,

All in a chaise and pair.

Away went Gilpin, neck or nought,

Away went hat and wig;

He little dream’t when he set out,

Of running such a rig.

The wind did blow, the cloak

Like a streamer long

Till loop and buttons failing

At last it flew awa.

Said John: It is my wedding day,

And all the world would stare,

If wife should dine at Edmonton

And I should dine at ware.

So turning to his horse he said:

I am in haste to dine;

'Twas for your pleasure you came here,

You shall go back for mine.

Ah luckless speech, and bootless boast!

For which he paid full dear:

For while he spake, a braying ass

Did sing both loud and clear.

Whereat his horse did snort as he

Had heard a lion roar,

And gallop’d off with all his might

As he had done before.

Away went Gilpin, and away

Went Gilpin’s hat and wig,

He lost them sooner than at first

For why? they were too big.

John Gilpin