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( Verb & Noun )

Pronunciation : nit

( Verb )

( past and past participle : knitted or knit, present participle : knitting, 3rd person present singular : knits )

1. To interlock loops of yarn, using either long needles or a machine, or make a garment or other item by this method

2. To use a basic plain stitch that forms a flat vertical loop on the front of a piece of knitting

3. To bring people or things together in a close association, or come together in this way

4. To grow together again after a fracture ( refers to a bone )

5. To draw the brows together in a frown, or be drawn together in a frown

( Noun )

1. A knitted garment or fabric

2. A method or style of knitting a garment or fabric

3. A basic knitting stitch that forms a flat vertical loop on the front of something being knitted.

4. Needlework created by interlacing yarn in a series of connected loops using straight eyeless needles or by machine

5. A creation created or assembled by needle and thread


Old English cnyttan - tie in knots

Note: knit or nit? Do not confuse the spelling of knit and nit, which sound similar. Knit is chiefly used as a verb, meaning "to interlock loops of yarn" or "to join" or "to bring together," as in knit a scarf, when the bones have knitted together, knitting his brow.

Knit is also occasionally used as a noun, referring to something knitted.

The word nit is only used as a noun denoting an egg of a louse, or as an offensive term.


join, interweave, weave, interlace, bind, unite, tie, braid, plait, interlock,heal, mend, bond, join, meld, get better, set, attach


Untie, Sicken, disunite

Contextual Examples:

• The labors of these hardy pioneers of science are now about to be knit together by the daring project of Dr.Kum.

Related Words :

1. Knittable: Adjective

2. Knitter: Noun

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