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  1. There is no tracing the connection of ancient nations but by language; and therefore I am always sorry when any language is lost, because languages are the pedigree of nations.
    (Samuel Johnson)

  2. The curve of a river and the ups and downs
    of a sweet spring,
    The proud dance of the butterfly, the turns
    and twists of the Pleiades,
    From the mixing of all these you have been born.
    You have emerged from a beautiful horizon.
    My accents are tangy, because I have eaten your salt.
    There is vitality in my tongue, though I am sick for you;
    I am free in verse, though I am your prisoner.
    By your mercy, I am a mystic leader of verses and words.
    I laugh at emperors because I am your slave.
    (Josh Malihabadi : original in Urdu : The poet addresses Urdu as his beloved)

  3. Of all the languages, I know,
    I have not known any other language as sweet as Tamil.
    (Mahakavi Bharathi : About Tamil)

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