Letter of Thanks

There is a school Little Flower School. It has celebrated its annual function. Mr. Joseph has helped its principal Sister Mary to make the function a grand success.Sister Mary is writing a letter thanking Mr. Joseph for his help.

This is a sample Letter of Thanks for helping out to make a Function Successful

Little Flower School,
John Kennedy Mart,

11th April 2006.

Dear Mr. Joseph,

I wish to thank you from the depth of my heart for your ungrudging moral support and help in different ways for making the school function a grand success.

It was the first function for a new school and had to be really good to capture public support. There was nobody to even encourage me hold the function. That is how it is with life. We often had to go it alone. If your support and help had not been then, the function would have turned out to be a failure one.

Once again I thank you. I have decided to co-opt you on the management committee of our school. Please do not refuse. Your generous ideas will give us a boost always.

With thanks and love.

Yours cordially,

Signature of Sister Mary


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