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This is a sample Letter of Welcome to a foreign friend about to visit India.


167 Kalians Colony,
New Delhi.


Mr. Peter,
34/A Saint Thomas Road,
Lincoln Marts,

7th Oct. 2004.

Dear Peter,

I am thrilled to know that you want to visit India and learn about Indian culture.

I would advise you to plan the visit anytime in the winter-December to February. The day temperature is about 10 degree C to 20 Degree C. Europeans mostly like this season. Summer is unbearable to you.

I am preparing an itinerary for you based on your interests in the historical places and the religious centers. Of course, bring your video camera along with you to shoot the beautiful and colorful sights. Since I shall be with mostly, you need not worry about the problems of currency exchange, accommodation, transport etc.

Like in other countries foreigners can be fleeced at airport and railway stations. But I will certainly include the most important places such as New Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur, Mumbai in North India and Bangalore, Cochin, Chennai, Kanyakumari in South India. There are other exquisite places which you should visit to know the best of India.

Of course the beautiful mausoleum The Taj Mahal will inspire your inspiration to pen a poem. You will no doubt love the palm-fringed coasts of Kerala.

My daughters Mona and Hamish are longing to see you. Do let me know soon after you buy your tickets to India.

With love and affection.

Yours affectionately,

Siganture of Malan


This is a sample Letter-of-Welcome to a foreign friend about to visit India.

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