Longest Word

Do you know the longest-word in the English language?

According to the new edition of Webster’s International Unabridged Dictionary, the longest-word in English language is :


What does this word mean?

This is a sesquipedalian word.

Now let us break this word in to KEYS.

List the KEYS one after another.

Know the meaning of each of the KEY.

This method will help you learn the meaning of this word.

What are the keys?


Let us break this word into KEYS.


So there are nine KEYS in this word.

Let us know the meaning of each of the key.

1. Pneumon=lung, breathe

2. Oultra=beyond, exceeding

3. Micro=minute, small by comparison

4. Scop=watch, see

5. Ic=like, nature of

6. Silico=flint

7. Volcano=volcano

8. Koni=dust

9. Osis=disease

When the meanings of all the keys are arranged and studied properly, the meaning of this word will become clear.

The meaning is:

A lung disease caused by inhaling dust like silicon and volcanic ash particles so minute that in order to see them a microscope which exceeds the ordinary is needed.

Another long word!


What does this word mean?
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Ok. Now you have known the longest-word in English language.

Do you know the shortest word/words in English language?

A and I are the
shortest-words in English language.


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