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( Adjective & Adverb )

Pronunciation : Màl-apro-po

1. Not appropriate to the situation in which something is done or said
2. Not suited to circumstances
3. In an inappropriate way or at an inopportune moment


Mid-17th century - French mal à propos - ill-suited to the purpose

Note: maladroit means clumsy or awkward or unskillful or inept; malapropos means unseasonable or unsuitable or inappropriate

Inapt means not suitable or appropriate, while unapt means 'not likely or inclined'.


Abnormal, Abortive, Abortive, Absurd, Adverse, Amiss, Anachronistic, Antagonistic, At Odds, Awkward, Bad, Bad Form, Badly Timed, Banal, Bum, Calamitous, Cheap, Clashing, Clumsy, Coarse, Contrary, Crude, Damaging, Destructive, Disadvantageous, Disagreeable, Discommodious, Discordant, Discreditable, Discrepant, Disparate, Disproportionate, Disreputable, Dissident, Dissonant, Disturbing, Dull, Early, Early , ird, Early On, Erroneous, Exceptionable, False, Flat, Funny, Garbage, Gauche, Hostile, Ill, Ill-Adapted, Ill-advised, Ill-Chosen, Ill-Favored, Ill-Fitted, Ill-Matched, Ill-Suited, Ill-Timed, Immaterial, Improper, Imprudent, Inaccurate, Inadept, Inadequate, Inadmissible, Inadvisable, Inapplicable, Inapposite, Inappropriate, Inapropos, Inapt, Inauspicious, Incompatible, Incompetent , Incongruous, Inconsistent, Inconsonant, Inconvenient, Incorrect, Indecorous, Indelicate, Inelegant, Ineligible, Inept, Inexpedient, Inexperienced, Inexpert, Infelicitous, Inharmonious, Inimical, Inopportune, Insipid, Interfering, Intrusive, Irregular, Irrelevant, Jarring, Jejune, Late, Left Field, Low, Ludicrous, Maladroit, Malapropos, Malodorous, Meaningless, Mismatched, Misplaced, Mistimed, Negative, Not Adapted, Not Done, Objectionable, Odd, Off, Off Base, Off Color, Off-Balance, Offensive, Ominous, Opposed, Out of Its Element, Out Of Place, Out-Of-Date, Over early, Over Soon, Pointless, Poor, Premature, Preposterous, Previous, Raffish, Regrettable, Ridiculous, Rotten, Rough, Rowdy, Rude, Ruffian, Salacious, Senseless, Slow, Soon, Stupid, Tacky, Tactless, Tardy, Tasteless, Tawdry, Threatening, Too Early, Too Late, Troublesome, Unable, Unacceptable, Unallowable, Unapt, Unattractive, Unbecoming, Unbefitting, Uncalled For, Uncomely, Unconventional, Undesirable, Undexterous, Undignified, Undue, Unfacile, Unfair, Unfavorable, Unfit, Unfitted, Unfitting, Unflattering, Unfortunate, Unfriendly, Ungodly, Unhandsome, Unhandy, Unhappy, Unlovely, Unlucky, Unmatched, Unmeet, Unproficient, Unpromising, Unpropitious, Unqualified, Unreasonable, Unrefined, Unsatisfactory, Unseasonable, Unseemly, Unsightly, Unskilled, Unsuitable, Unsuited, Untimely, Untoward, Unwanted, Unwarranted, Unwelcome, Unworthy, Vulgar, Way Off, Wrong, Wrong Number


Acceptable, Admissible, Appropriate, Apropos, Becoming, Competent, Correct, Due, Favorable, Fitting, Good, Nice, Opportune, Proper, Seemly, Suitable, Timely

Contextual Example:

• Such malapropos wise cracks are driven home with a relentlessly upbeat soundtrack which serenades scenes of human tragedy with bouncy, Disneyesque melodies.

• As an on-air radio pronouncer, I am quite familiar with the hazard of opening the mouth before the brain is in gear. It is very easy to fire-off a malapropos statement in the heat of trying to make a point and the result is some funny things are said, but perhaps not meant.

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