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  1. Charms strike the sight. But merit wins the soul.
    (Alexander Pope : The Rape of the Lock)

  2. In civilized society, personal merit will not serve you so much as money will. Sir, you may make the experiment. Go into the street and give one man a lecture on morality, and another a shilling and see which will respect you most.
    (Samuel Johnson : Boswell's Life of Johnson)

  3. Great people neither boast
    nor indulge in tall talk.
    Does a diamond have to announce
    that it is worth a fortune?

  4. It is better to be an eminent person than to be a prominent person.

  5. If a man is really great, everybody will come to know about him, even if he lives in a forest.

  6. The feather floats
    But the pearl lies below.

  7. An editor rejected and returned an article. The writer wrote back: "You are a fraud. You did not read my piece properly. I had deliberately pasted together seven pages from page 14. These pages have not been opened by you at all." The editor replied:

    "When I open an egg for breakfast, I need not eat it all to determine if it is bad."
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