Names of Phobias

Names of Phobias Beginning with O :

  1. Obesophobia- Fear of gaining weight.(Pocrescophobia)

  2. Ochlophobia- Fear of crowds or mobs.

  3. Ochophobia- Fear of vehicles.

  4. Octophobia - Fear of the figure 8.

  5. Odontophobia- Fear of teeth or dental surgery.

  6. Odynophobia or Odynephobia- Fear of pain. (Algophobia)

  7. Oenophobia- Fear of wines.

  8. Oikophobia- Fear of home surroundings, house.(Domatophobia, Eicophobia)

  9. Olfactophobia- Fear of smells.

  10. Ombrophobia- Fear of rain or of being rained on.

  11. Ommetaphobia or Ommatophobia- Fear of eyes.

  12. Oneirophobia- Fear of dreams.

  13. Oneirogmophobia- Fear of wet dreams.

  14. Onomatophobia- Fear of hearing a certain word or of names.

  15. Ophidiophobia- Fear of snakes. (Snakephobia)

  16. Ophthalmophobia- Fear of being stared at.

  17. Opiophobia- Fear medical doctors experience of prescribing needed pain medications for patients.

  18. Optophobia- Fear of opening one's eyes.

  19. Ornithophobia- Fear of birds.

  20. Orthophobia- Fear of property.

  21. Osmophobia- Fear of smells or odors.

  22. Osphresiophobia- Fear of smells or odors.

  23. Ostraconophobia- Fear of shellfish.

  24. Ouranophobia or Uranophobia- Fear of heaven.

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