A Word A Day : Nocturnal

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( Adjective )

Pronunciation : nok-túrn'l

1. occurring at night, as opposed to during the day

2. Zoology : active at night - describes animals that are active at night rather than during the day

3. Botany : describes flowers that open at night and close during the day

4. opening by night and closing by day

5. of or pertaining to the night


Middle English nocturne - from Medieval Latin nocturna - from Latin - feminine of nocturnus - of the night


After Dark, At Night, By Night, Every Night, Nighttime, Night, Nightly


Diurnal, Daily, Daytime

Contextual Example:

• We have to use a powerful camera to pursue nocturnal animals.

• The nocturnal stillness is really threatening.

Related Words :

1. nocturnally: Adverb

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