Poem about America : The Declaration of Independence

Poem about America : The Declaration of Independence :

Once a shiny nation was established ‘cross the sea

Smelted out of blood and sweat, to guarantee all men be free

Escaping religious tyranny, they traveled to a new land so

That their future generations could worship God you know

As the promises of freedom did themselves unwind

The colonies together, forged a new documental mind

They appealed to the Supreme Judge, The Creator their fathers knew

Asking The Divine Providence, for the protection due

They sent to all concerned, a great message far and wide

Just how the King of Britain, was raping liberties for pride

They'd asked only for equality, entitled under Nature's God

Some Represent to Parliament, for laws considered odd

But when the document was given its final show

The Colonial Congress, decided compromise would flow

Stripping the Declaration of one, very justifiable act

To obtain unanimous vote, left slavery intact

The great Revolution, as it soon came to be called

Brought new hope to the free world, its being oceanic walled

But soon was the Confederation, in dire need of something new

A stronger central government, with constitution too

In The Constitution, many forefathers did frame

The working of government and our protection from the same

Being left within all there still stood, human slavery at the back

Which God himself would not approve, and no one would attack

Some would say it was strange, that fifty years to the day

Jefferson and Adams died, on the Fourth of July God's way

Be it eighty seven years later, Gettysburg Battlefield lay dead

Where many men consecrated, the land in their blood red

Since the fourth of sixty, our flag has carried fifty

The states in which we reside, twenty-twelve marks one-fifty

From the start of that great Civil War, that we here too must fight a new

Because injustice has been done, Rights for the unborn too

To compromise may seem the best to leave it lay at rest

But to The Lord of Heaven, He'll place you to His test

By Udiah

Poem about America : The Declaration of Independence