Poem about BEAUTY : Beautiful One

Poem about BEAUTY : Beautiful One :

Oh beautiful one, adorned with spell

To ravage my world as might a sweet angel.

Oh beautiful thing, so much at ease:

Allure of caressing breeze in touch gentle.

Oh beautiful creature, sail me do,

As floating on seas of halcyon blue tincture.

You beautiful being, gracing charm

And features that render feel of deep texture.

Your beautiful poise in glide supreme,

Gives such like a vista honed as from heaven.

That beautiful art of face ornate,

Not ever to understate or be riven.

Your beautiful flame of pulchritude

Doth dizzy me high, so I conclude always

You beautiful girl forever be

My shining Janette; my guide; my stairway.

By Mark R Slaughter

Poem about BEAUTY : Beautiful One