Poem about Child : Child of My Child

Poem about Child : Child of My Child :

My child's

Adult now

And child

Of my child

You're grand

Ray of light

You're my dream

Coming to life

With every move

A pleasure to watch

You graciously pluck

Harp of my heart

It keeps on vibrating

And music flows

Fills all corners

Space now resonating.

Sweet one

This is true

What you say

I tend to listen

What you do

I tend to see

When you smile

I tend to laugh

When you cry

I'm deeply moved

When you sleep

I seem to pause

When you paint

With colorful paints

I tend to imitate

To create art

That will remain

For generations.

Little one

Your wave of hand

Has all the grace

Of a magical wand

At blink of an eye

Worries vanish

And eternal peace

Takes its place.

By Tirupathi Chandrupatla

Poem about Child : Child of My Child