Poem about Concrete : Concrete Mind

Poem about Concrete : Concrete Mind :

Can I get a pass, from my wrongs?

Will you make me not forget?

Are you like a concrete mind,

That's permanently set?

Concrete mind won't wear out.

For when she has a crack.

She only fills in where it's split.

Your wrongs she'll always track.

I thought I would be honest

Lead a new way of life

To concrete mind this is a weapon

She'll use just like a knife

She'll just use it against you

You'll never live it down

Her life is like a circus

And you're the lonely clown

And when you try to fix

The things that have been broken

Concrete mind will take your wrongs

And use them like a token

Where did I go wrong you'll ask

In each and every way

So if you trip and stumble

Concrete mind will say:

“Go straight to jail,

Do not pass go

Be ashamed

You are so low

Just like scum,

You always rise

All of your truths

To me their lies

You past is now

You'll never change

Forgiveness a word

I find so strange

I will forgive

But not forget

My heart is hard

My mind is set

Show you mercy?

Show you grace?

Go find those things

Another place.

All you give.

I'll simply take.

I'll do this till,

Your will I break”

Concrete mind

Will you soften a bit?

I've tried so hard,

But I want to quit.

Like one step forward

And Ten steps back

You throw me a rope

Without any slack

Concrete mind

Can't you see

From your concrete prison

I can't break free

So concrete mind

I ask one last time

Will I ever pay the price

For my past crimes

Your concrete heart

Your concrete mind

Won't let me leave

My past behind

By Ryan Lee Morris

Poem about Concrete : Concrete Mind