Poem about Epic : Epic Poem

Poem about Epic : Epic Poem :

This poem is epic

so I named it so

it's more epic than wind and snow

which are in there own respects quite epic

snow could be described as ghetto

and wind can take on epic forms

like a spinning tiger with legs made of iron bars

that would be pretty epic

infact I think that happened in outer mongolia

to a young girl how got hit by the iron bars

sadly she died

but the type of death was one we all wish for

over exposure to pure epicness

like viewing a snail with a lightsaber who flies over mountains made of cheese

that's bleedin' epic

imagine it if you can

can you?

I imagined it so according to the ontological arguement

it exists

im scared now

it may be coming to get me

and although I will suffer the best kind of death

it will be death still

and what is death without life

it is simply death

that was mock epic

those statements aren't as deep as you think they are

they are meerly the ramblings of a crazy man

you fell for it did you not

I know you did for I can see you

your PC moniter is actually a camera

If you're paranoid then you will be scared now

and for that reason I laugh

I can see your fear

I smell it

it is like raspberry ripple ice cream

your fear is wierd

I don't like you anymore

this poem is bleedin' epic!

By Torben Duncan

Poem about Epic : Epic Poem