Poem about Frog : Walking The Frog

Poem about Frog : Walking The Frog :

I have a pet frog

We go frog walking every day at 6pm

He is fine until he sees another frog

He sniffs & then tries to jump

I pull him away

Last week we had a problem

My frog stopped to do his business

A passer bye said stop your frog fouling

I cleared up after him but it left a slimy mark

The other man slipped on it

My frog likes water

Especially ponds

He likes jumping on lilies

The local gardener is mad

Control your frog he shouts

Well now Im in trouble

Despite the sign

Beware of the FROG

He bit a policeman

A fine guard frog

My frog is now banned

From walks anywhere

Poor froggy is in a cell

Eating flies & drinking water

Its a frogs life

By Alan Draper

Poem about Frog : Walking The Frog