Poem about Greed : My Petty Greed

Poem about Greed : My Petty Greed :

People with petty greed ~ how much do they get

Not all people have big-sized greeds

We very ordinary

bunch of people with petty greed

Don't even have courage to feel big-sized greed

My petty greed has often been met

by petty donors

Twice or so I was saved

by the God on my shelf

After safe escape I gave a smirk

Indulged a bit in intellectual conceit Ah

Escaped narrowly honour is saved

Yet my petty greed was not quenched

Even now I make rounds to petty donors

Ah they too are small-time people

They too live within limits

How can they give their all

Even if they give do I have the guts

to pull all up to the roots.

Can people with petty greed geta full amount

Very ordinary person I

pulled by petty greed

Ever go round and round

Come back home take bath daily

Light the lamp on my shelf

God keep saving me

Very ordinary person, me

haven't even got the courage

to feel big-sized greed.


Poem about Greed : My Petty Greed