Poem about Honesty : Honesty Begets Honesty.

Poem about Honesty : Honesty Begets Honesty. :

Honesty begets honesty.

It is equivocatingly disparaging.

Because honesty is an esoteric riddle.

And a riddle begets a riddle.

When you think it is inequitable

That life begets death

And not the pulp of life,

And death begets life

When you appealed for death

It is because they are one and similar

The equivocal correlation

Is but another juggle of affectation

In supercilious entanglement

So we fumble on the hills

Of the pre-determined sequence

Wretched friends, we are all dazed

About religion and politics,

And stereotypes and chauvinism,

And philosophy and geometry,

In a tête-à-tête with disparity

It is all but the same

From the encrusted veneer

To the profane epicenter,

As with veracity and metaphors

We are reveling gypsies

With pawned feet of stones.

When honesty begets honesty

You will figure for yourself

That life is but a game

And we are all to topple

In the treacle of sincerity

Because honestly,

Nothing begets nothing

Equivalent to an enema for the eczema

The paranoia protracts in an echolalia

Do not hand down your honesty

Because honestly,

You would abscond honesty.

By Norman Santos

Poem about Honesty : Honesty Begets Honesty.