Poem about Humor : Art of Humor

Poem about Humor : Art of Humor :

The parody, the comic

The irony, the slapstick

The comedy, the joke

There are many names of humor

A little flirt, a bit sway

A random bait, a strike catch

A prick of crack, a needed pain

So far we go just for humor

Because it is fun, because it is crazy

Because it is refreshing, because it brings laugh

Lightening the mood, building emotion

Always use humor in a good way

The situation, the mimic

The trap, the surprise

The movement, the style

Only human could understand humor

The witty question, the innocence answer

The spontaneous expression, the awaited performance

The dilemma, the mistake

Everything could turn into humor

To tease, to distract

To criticize, to attract

To break the ice, to open the gag

Don't take humor too serious

In critical condition, in awkward moment

In relaxing time, in happy hour

In strange fact, in life experience

Do you know that God also has a sense of humor?

By Maria Sudibyo

Poem about Humor : Art of Humor