Poem about July : It was July.

Poem about July : It was July. :

I am resurrected, after dying for want of you,

It all came down upon me in sunny July,

Where had you gone, I wish I knew,

That I care no more, should come as no surprise,

I can live without you now,

It's like I never loved you at all,

The numbness seeped in after my death,

It was in July, if you recall,

Things were fine in May and June,

I don't know what I did wrong,

But in July you sang a different tune,

And you left me all alone,

My heart once again belongs to me,

As I look back to last July,

The sunshine once again I see,

No tears to cloud my eyes,

So let me stay as you left me,

I won't even say goodbye,

You're now a fading memory,

But I'll never forget July,.

By Vallerie Lobell

Poem about July : It was July.