Poem about Laughter : The Potency of Laughter

Poem about Laughter : The Potency of Laughter :

Ho ho ho, laughing like a jackass with a bottle of rum

Ho ho ho, rolling on the floor is Santa with an engorging tum

From Long John Silver to Santa's stretch marks

Laughter was an anthem strewn with meteors of sparks

From the remedial medicine of a Scandinavian blond Joke

To the colorful and zany standup-comedian folk

Laughter captures the idiosyncratic even the buffoon

In flashes of thundering genius in their maddening loon

Laughter, proverbs claim, can move a mountain

Laughter speaks a language common to even the wandering alien

Laughter entangles from a modicum of sand to a behemoth tale

In a potpourri of antics and jokes, from the fly to the whale

Laughter infects the lungs like a bad bout of cold

Laughter infects the heart like the scent of marigold

Laughter holds one ransom to an emotion vivacious and bold

As the heart anchors to a lifelong harbor of serendipitous gold

Laughter has no boundaries to the senescence of age

As humor captures the biodiversity of gradation of stage

Humor the thread that weaves a contagious smile on a face

A beaming visage simply the prelude for boisterous laughter to grace

To be blessed with a funny bone, is truly a gift

To be blessed with the ingenuity of humor, bequeaths the heart a lift

As fireworks rip like shooting stars from comedic lips

Laughter erupts like a dormant volcano from the meat of quips

Humor is the essence of rudimentary witticism

Laughter is the soul of a contagious altruism

As a joke captures the hearts in their naked realism

Even bequeaths a trace of a transcending surrealism

Laughter embodies a universal pidgin of love

For laughter is the key to a goddess's trove

Laughter a path of red rose petals leading to a divan

For humor imparts love from the deepest abysses of man

Laughter the invisible axis of the revolving globe

Laughter a cradle of feathers lifting the weight of humanity's abode

Laughter the seed that perpetuates the pedigree of man

For she is the heart and soul of God's idyllic master plan

By Dilantha Gunawardana

Poem about Laughter : The Potency of Laughter