Poem about Money : Harvest Time

Poem about Money : Harvest Time :

The grapes are ready

The wheat stands ripe

Rear end is coming

May be here tonight

The den of vipers

The ball they fumble

Their system's shambles

They watch it crumble

They've been exposed

For whom they are

The sons of cain

Have gone too far

You gave them a choice

From the beginning

They took the left

And kept their sinning

The locust army

Has consumed so much

Everyone's lazy

Their leaders are touched

Jezebel's prophets

They scream aloud

Crying for their god

Too come make them proud

Is he on vacation

Gone far away?

Or on the can?

Where inside he lay

The season is here

Good Christians stand ready

The battle lines clear

Have Michael cast dungheady

All of his lies

Have come to fruition

All to disguise

The son of perdition

The final battle

Is soon to unfold

Throughout all history

Its story's been told

All generations

Have fought the fight

Religious, political

Military might

You've tested each soul

In Your own way

And we are the last

A spiritual play

Help us stand fast

And ready Your Armour

Attack and advance

To forward Your Honour

The enemy's within

And spewed about

Those caught in the middle

This time are out

We pray all eyes

Be open to see

Realizing they're

Some blinded by Thee

Give to us courage

Wisdom and Might

Guide with Your Spirit

All those in The Right

Bless and keep us

For You are our Rock

Waiting ‘til the end

For we are Your flock

By Udiah

Poem about Money : Harvest Time