Poem about October : October Girl

Poem about October : October Girl :

I married an October girl

but met her in December's cold,

I remember well

that winter of our meeting

you could not say that it was swell

that frosty first time greeting.

I saw her a second time

October in the spring

when light shone from her face

and joined with my light within;

she blew a gentle breeze

with freshness in her haste

to meet again the man

who previously in December

she had not seemed

so keen to chase.

She blew into my life in spring

through summer and the fall

and swirled around the boughs

of my many outreaching branches,

until she bared me of all the leaves

I'd grown throughout my life

and pointed to the roots of me

that held me strong in strife.

October is a blustery girl

with many winds of change

sometimes with an angry squall

that bares wintered teeth

with lightening storms of rage,

but I never did meet a girl

with such a warm embrace.

I married that October girl

we married in the spring

and as I wait to see

what summer's breeze may bring

I know that October's girl

will shine her light within

as I soar up so very high

upon October's wind.

By David Taylor

Poem about October : October Girl