Poem about People :  People are people.

Poem about People : People are people. :

Some people have all the aces.

Some people are born with great faces.

Some people don’t know how to tie shoe laces.

And some people come from strange places.

People are people

Complex or simple

Some people always leave behind traces

Some people take their time with slow paces

While others love to discuss different races

Some people need to wear regular braces

People are people

Strong of feeble

Some people cannot comprehend simple phrases

While others behave differently in different spaces

Some people love carrying strange suitcases

While other people love sampling a range of flower vases

Some people live in underground bases

And other people love when the memory erases

People are people

Few or ample

Just pick your sample

Sylvia Chidi

Poem about People : People are people.

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