Poem about Pink : Pink

Poem about Pink : Pink :

A blush of pink:

She'd caught a roving eye -

He gave a wink.

Her smile had played a shy

And quaint florescence;

The siren of pubescence

Drew him in.

She bade him touch her hair,

Suggesting that he dare

To kiss her pulsing lips!

E'er the fool a man, he did:

The drips of blood began to cheer -

And so, another rid:

Tips of fangs are sharp, you know -

Dancing ivory feeds her soul -

See her claim a howl upon a chilling wind!

Slain, he lay across a crimson floor:

She grinned in her repletion.

A blush of pink;

Beneath a glowering sky

Her savoured drink

Was done.

By Mark R Slaughter

Poem about Pink : Pink