Poem about Retirement :  Retirement Rendezvous

Poem about Retirement : Retirement Rendezvous :

Retirement rendezvous

There is a member who is new

Who requires some type of rescue!

Looking back at life’s preview

He has had his kids

Been wise and stupid

Smoked enough weed

Aging exhibits on both eyelids

Retirement rendezvous

No more young dreams to pursue

A time he was young with hope

Goals matured and developed

But time took away that potential scope

Retirement rendezvous

Old age has at last struck for true

Retirement rendezvous

Today he joins the old pensioners’ crew

Stuck in his fresh basement

He scorns retirement at its commencement

With continuous utter resentment

Thinking it is a washed up experiment

Retirement rendezvous

Today, old age seems to be of no value

Retirement rendezvous

A new life and a new official venue

Retirement rendezvous

Some meet at the post office queue

Others meet at the bookies avenue

Leaving only when the night is due

The alarm clock has ceased ringing

The ladies have stopped singing

The bread winner is no longer bringing

To him nothing anymore is inspiring!

Retirement rendezvous

Why is life such a screw?

Retirement rendezvous

Is this a new life for true?

Retirement rendezvous

His thoughts he has to subdue

For him life still continues

Forthwith he looks at life with a new view!

By Sylvia Chidi

Poem about Retirement : Retirement Rendezvous