Poem about Sick :  Love Sick

Poem about Sick : Love Sick :

Into darkness i'm bound

I let the blood and tears run down i'm sick

So many memories of you

I sit here in my silence i'm sick

I feel empty inside

Now that you're no longer mine i'm sick

Sometimes i sit on the rocks

And shiver the whole night through i'm sick

I'm goin crazy inside

Thinkin of you with other guys i'm sick

I feel i'm loosin my focus

This ice is gettin to me i'm sick

I talk to myself in my room

But even i don't know what i'm sayin i'm sick

I walk around in a dream

The closest thing to a fiend i'm sick

So if you're lonely like me

Come along let's touch eachother i'm sick

And if you're hurtin like me

Let's do it to one another i'm sick

I should cut myself

And do it over again i'm sick

We can hurt eachother

And tell the world we're in love i'm sick

We could get wasted

And take advantage on drugs i'm sick

Tell me you hate me

Then put your tongue in my mouth i'm sick

And i feel far away from clever

With every dream i severe i'm sick

My love is deep but you don't see

All i have is the pipe and it's apart of me i'm sick

Sometimes i think about us

But then i think about dyin i'm sick

Surrounded i hear demons within

I heard it's all in my head i'm sick

She's delusional i'm told

But even my friends know i'm sick

I put the knife to my chest

My rituals embrace death i'm sick

I wanna love you again

But feel it's not worth the pain i'm sick

Let's live for the moment

And we can die a little tonight i'm sick

You should cut yourself

And let me kiss it better i'm sick

See how romantic i am..?

Kiss me with blood in my mouth i'm sick

This love has hurt me so far

And i don't know who you are i'm sick

I don't trust you anymore

So you need to go away i'm sick

You were nothin like i thought

It hurts to know i'm not what you want i'm sick

Your words cut me like this

And yet you wonder why i'm sick

I'm no longer yours

And you don't love me anymore i'm sick

I'm havin visions at night

I'm seeing red over white i'm sick

You want to fade out soon

And give away the heart that i found you bitch

I want a candle lit room

And watch my blood drip on the ground i'm sick

By Leo Lopes

Poem about Sick : Love Sick