Poem about Silence : Silence Is...

Poem about Silence : Silence Is... :

Silence is an absence.

Silence is profound.

Silence is a conversation.

Being had without sound…

Silence is an expression.

One that cannot be heard…

Silence cannot be spoken.

Although it is a word…

Silence is a presence.

Of great nothingness…

Silence can be something…

And yet cease to exist.

Silence can fill a room.

And have no mass at all.

Silence cannot be dropped, yet it can fall

Silence is a mystery

That will forever go unsolved

Silence is how every sound can swiftly be dissolved

Silence is the sound of rest

The only sound that can sound best

While other sounds can cause great pain

Silence is not the sound to blame

For Silence is what silence is

Something that is nothing

Nothing that exists

By Kyle.J Carruthers

Poem about Silence : Silence Is...