Poem about Simile : Similitude

Poem about Simile : Similitude :

If we assume that every third house is logical

it follows that there’s literature in abundance

on the subject of steamer trunks of the kind

that one might find in every fourth house. She

opens it & pulls out a dress, probably

her grandmother’s, & puts it one, an arrangement

that’s agreeable to both parties, so agreeable

in fact that suddenly there’s something that must

be said but where are the words? – too choked up

with emotion, & the opportunity passes. It’s

as though you’ve stopped at a red light on Sunset

Boulevard on Saturday night & the beautiful young

woman in the back seat – how did she get there? where

did she come from? – says thanks for the ride, opens

the door & vanishes into the crowd, a somewhat

farfetched simile I’m sure you’ll agree, but since it

& hundreds of other equally preposterous similes

can be found in the literature far be it from me

to delet it in favour of some more down-to-earth

comparison – a simile that, however outlandish,

seems perfectly suited to a situation, this situation,

where there’s sure to be someone in every fifth house

who will be prepared to argue that it perfectly conveys

what the author intended it to convey.

By Philip Hammial

Poem about Simile : Similitude