Poem about Sky : Counting Stars

Poem about Sky : Counting Stars :

Stars in the sky

I started counting

Lying down on

The terrace

Surrounding light

Caused interference

Fatigue developed

In my eyes

The large building

And the big tree

And the passing clouds

Obscured my view.

Doubts arose

In my mind

How many stars lie

Behind those I counted?

And all those on

Other side of earth?

Can I choose

A clear night?

Can I count for days

Without losing count?

Counting looked clearly

An impossible task.

Astronomers' maps

I saw in the sky


In celestial setting

Zodiac signs

Amazing views

Delightful beauty

Of milky way

Bright guidance

Of northern star

Counting in the night

A breathtaking ride.

By Tirupathi Chandrupatla

Poem about Sky : Counting Stars