Poem about Suicide : Suicide

Poem about Suicide : Suicide :

Why he will go before going

Did he know he was coming?

If not, he has no right to go,

He will call him in nick time,

If yes, he is a terrific big liar,

Death will put him on fire.

Had he come of his own?

If not, who had sent him and why?

Before answering this, he can not die,

If life is such and such

He suffers too much,

Every one has or had to face

Suffering or pain is a test.

After every pain valuable wisdom gained,

Deeper the sadness sweeter the gladness,

Greater the adversaries more the advantages,

Coming and going are not a playing

Most and most a serious thing,

Even if, you have not the steering

But you have the duty to keep the ship running.

By Abdul Wahab

Poem about Suicide : Suicide