Poem about Tiger : Eye of The Tiger

Poem about Tiger : Eye of The Tiger :

Taming the Tiger,

is my additional task in the corporate jungle

Taking extra careful

That the tiger won’t eat or bite my hands

Remaining calm

Preparing fresh meat for the tiger

Having a pack of meat,

duck, chicken, fish, mutton and beef

Preparing myself coaching the tiger to jump in the circus ring

I find now a way on how to tame the tiger

Now I’m ready for the circus

the tiger will follow as long as you have a hold with its food.

“Jump tiger, jump! ”

I yelled and the tiger jumped.

“Roar tiger, roar! ” and the tiger roared.

Oh this is my new job in this corporate jungle.

Excellent! I shouted

and the tiger timidly follow

I was surprised and delighted

and is enjoying of taming the tiger in the corporate jungle

By John F. McCullagh

Poem about Tiger : Eye of The Tiger