Poem about War : God Bless US.

Poem about War : God Bless US. :

O Lord, our refuge and strength

When it's 'in God we trust'

The foe has struck your firstborn

With a great infamous thrust

Like history repeated

A Trojan Horse await

To massacre the blameless

A 'Nine-eleven' fate

They've dared defy an army

That does proclaim you Lord

Deliver US from their hand

Whet your glittering sword

Our Father who's in heaven

Shield US, your battle axe

Guard these in Thy replevin

Then Babylon do tax

Give US righteous victory

In Thy name, Lord of host

So that all the earth may know

'In God we trust' foremost

O Lord, our Rock and fortress

'Land of the Free' protect

Keep US strong 'til Shiloh come

Then on to Him collect

He maketh the wars to cease

Unto the end of earth

Breaketh bow, cut sunder spear

To chariots flame's birth

'Be calm, and know that I am God:

I will be exalted among the nations,

I will be exalted in the earth.'*

The Lord of hosts is with US

Our refuge we proclaim

Bless US in our endeavor

We ask in Jesus name

By Udiah

Poem about War : God Bless US