Poem about Woman : Chauvinist

Poem about Woman : Chauvinist :

I’d never really comprehended such a mighty range of

Shapes and sizes down behind, it’s really rather strange:

The buttock muscle in a woman, overlaid with fat

Is actually such a focal point for men to want to pat

Or squeeze, and then to tease her if it’s eminently stout,

Or even risk a stay in clink to sting it with a clout!

After all, we men are tuned to be that way inclined –

And tho’ our needs are varied, girls, they’re all perverse of mind!

Best of all, our sacred dream: to see her shed her gown

When gliding to the shower for the ritual sponging down.

But then alas! With body lathered, oops! she drops the soap;

‘Please! ’ we beg her, ‘bend and bare! ’ But we can only hope!

I’m sure by now you get the picture – like a rule of thumb –

That men like me obsess all day about the fairer bum.

By Mark R Slaughter

Poem about Woman : Chauvinist