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  1. The want of a thing is perplexing enough. But the possession of it is intolerable.
    (John Vanbrugh : 1664-1726)

  2. Man enters the world with closed hands, as if to say, "The world is mine." He leaves it with open hands, as if to say, "Behold, I take nothing with me."
    (Kohelet Rabbah)

  3. Nothing is more ominous than the tendency in civilization to multiply the things we think we cannot do without. Cultivate independence of luxuries and requirements in regard both to personal life and to social standards and scales. This does not mean that we are to have no regard to beauty. But an artist will tell us that a great part of what we spend money on in furnishing our houses and in personal decoration is from an artistic point of view something quite the opposite of beautiful. Extravagance in things which make neither for strength nor for health nor for goodness is to be found among all classes. It is right to spend some money on the means of life on those things which make for physical health and efficiency and which minister to the interests and needs of the life of the mind and the spirit and it is for every conscientious man to find out what such life means and what it should cost. But, it is necessary to watch keenly against the tendency for luxuries to become necessities.
    (H. G. Wood)

  4. Shrouds have no pockets.

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