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  1. One cannot really hold anything long enough. That is life. Hurting and getting hurt. But it is living and tasting too. I have never known what fatal message the next moment has in store for me. Which is why I gobble up the present so furiously, squeezing every last drop out of it, stretching my bones, limbs, brains to grab everything I can!
    (Kiran Nagarkar : Seven Sixes are Forty-Three)

  2. No man ever sank under the burden of the day. It is when tomorrow's burden is added to the burden of today that the weight is more than a man can bear. Never load yourselves so. If you find yourself so loaded, at least remember this: it is your doing, not God's. He begs you to leave the future to Him and mind the present.
    (George McDonald : 1824-1905)

  3. We have accepted something in our life and we will do it correctly. But we do not have a right on the consequences. As far as possible, we can plan for the future. But you must live in the present while learning lessons from the past. If we keep worrying about the past or the future all the time, our mental and spiritual health will suffer and the present is also lost.
    (D. R. Karthikeyan : Ex-IPS Office : India)

  4. Still thou art blest compar'd wi' me!
    The present only toucheth thee;
    But oh! I backward cast my e' e
    On prospects drear!
    An forward tho' I canna see,
    I guess an' fear!
    (Robert Burns : To a Mouse)

  5. ...... O thoughts of men accurs'd
    Past and to come seems best, things present, worst.
    (Shakespeare : King Henry IV- Part 2)

  6. Happy the Man, and happy he alone,
    He who can call to-day his own:
    He who, secure within, can say,
    To-morrow do thy worst, for I have liv'd to-day.
    (Dryden : Translation of Horace)

  7. All, fill the cup: -- what boots it to repeat
    How Time is slipping underneath our feet:
    Unborn tomorrow and dead yesterday,
    Why fret about them if today be sweet?
    (Omar Khayyam : translated from Persian by Edward Fitzgerald)

  8. This have I done and that will do,
    And this half-done must carry through:
    So busied, bustling, full of care,
    Poor fools, Death pounces on us unaware.

    Today is thine, fulfil its work
    Let no loose hour her duty shirk;
    Still ere thy task is done, comes Death
    The Finisher -- he ends it with thy breath.
    (Bhartruhari : translated from Sanskrit by P. E More)

  9. Existence is a fact. Living is an art. In today's stress-saturated life, there's constant depletion of energy, decline in concentration and physical fatigue. The mind keeps vacillating between a hot past (can be anger, bitterness, regret, etc.) and a cold future (stemming from anxiety, frustration or fear). As a result, we lose touch with the present. Art of living is about the moment called NOW.
    (Rhea Pillai : Model-turned Art of Living Instructor)

  10. The present like a note in music is nothing but as it appertains to what is past and what is to come.
    (Walter Savage Landor : 1775-1864)

  11. Be here NOW.

  12. He was going to be all a mortal should be tomorrow.
    No one should be braver or kinder than he tomorrow.
    The greatest of workers this man would have been tomorrow.
    But the fact is, he died and faded from view.
    And all that he left here when living was through…
    Was a mountain of things he intended to do tomorrow.

  13. When you let your thoughts drift to the future, you go right out of your zone - and take your concentration with you. Focussing on the future instead of the present can cripple any activity. A top tennis player thinks about making a good shot, not about winning the match.

  14. The past is history.
    The future is a mystery.
    Today is a gift.
    That is why we call it the present.
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