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( Adjective )

Pronunciation : prog-nṓs-siss

1. A prediction of the probable course and outcome of a disease

2. The likelihood of recovery from a disease

3. a prediction about how a given situation will develop

4. a medical opinion as to the likely course and outcome of a disease


Mid-17th century - Via late Latin - Greek prognōsis - knowledge beforehand - gignōskein - know


prediction, forecast, projection, scenario, diagnosis, prospects


A diagnosis is the process of identifying or determining the nature of a diseased condition or the conclusion reached.

A prognosis is a prediction of the probable course of a disease or likely outcome of a problem.

Prophecy is what is foretold (noun).

Prophesy is to foretell.

Contextual Examples:

• The prognosis for a full recovery was very good.

• The News Paper presented a gloomy prognosis for economic future.

• There were local tales of his having exerted his powers of prognosis, or perhaps you would say diagnosis. And it was said that in every instance the person whose friends he had warned had died suddenly at the appointed time, and from no assignable cause.

Related Words:

prognoses : Noun - Plural

prognostic: Adjective

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